Review: Cassilda’s Song

by Kimberly Smeltzer

Image courtesy of Chaosium.

Excellent book. Worth every single penny.

Whew. Okay. Done.

Wait. What… I gotta say more?

Well… okay, then.

I picked this up at NecronomiCon Providence 2015 before it had technically been published. Out of the thousand thousand titles I browsed during that convention, only a few books actually made it back to Indiana with me, and this was one. At the time I had no idea it hadn’t been published yet. When I found this out, I felt like part of a secret cabal that had exclusive sneak-peek access to this little treasure.

And when I finally sat down to read it and carefully trembled open that first page, I had no idea what to expect. I knew there were a number of familiar names inside it, and that it had been edited by Joe S. Pulver, Sr., the Mayor of Carcosa himself, which is an automatic stamp of excellence. I knew it circled around the King in Yellow mythos sparked into life by Robert W. Chambers.

But I had no idea I’d fall head over heels in love with the very first story. I had no idea I would get sucked into the ocean of madness and happily drown over and over again as each and every storyteller spread before me her mind’s darkest fruits, that my emotions would run the gauntlet from east to west to east again, until I was left panting for more.

And when the final page sighed itself closed, when I’d felt every emotion I could possibly feel, cried and disgusted and shivered and cheered and creeped myself to sleep at night, I honestly felt sorry for those who couldn’t yet get hold of this book. For those who were not yet part of my secret cabal.

I do hope you will join us soon.


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